Daily Activities


    Some good photos from the Cottage by Klaus from Germany










There are various activities you can be involved in, in case you want to spend creatively your spare time. They are offered and handled by us or simply you! The only thing required is willingness to take part in them.


Besides the cultural events which voluntarily may be attended,  we offer some of them  in the cottage with your own help and participation, like nice discussions with coffee with the rest of the students and the tutors,  Greek folks dances and  Greek songs, small theater performances in the new language,  simple cooking lessons,  baking in the real traditional oven in the basement, picking  up salad greens and learning  all the small secrets consisting the Greek life.

                         All the ages, from 18 up to 99…  and  even more…

If you do not want to take a part in those events  you can simply watch TV, surf in the Internet, take an afternoon nap or make a siesta..

Or,  you can go swimming, sit under the sun on the beach or at home, stroll around the markets in the small city caffees and ouzo bars..

Hiking is also  ideal, wandering in nature, mountain climbing, horse riding, bird watching, running and cycling, doing sports..

The area is full of sandy beaches, naming some of them Vathi, Skoutari, Kamares, Mavrovouni, Kotronas and others  too, where the tranquil and warm water welcomes its guests, ideal for diving, fishing, sunbathing, doing water sports, go sailing, etc.

Simply be yourself in all activities relax and  enjoy the mild climate of Greece, taste the most delicious home-made recipes and explore that inspirational location..!