The ideal holiday resort for nature lovers

The wasteland Mani is pure, primitive, fascinatind and attractive with a breath-taking wild beauty. It’s a metaphysical landscape with its bare mountains,  gaunt hillsides,  cliffy rocks  and steepy slopes,   tremendously inspirational and captivating, with drought olive trees growing among the rocks and  thousands of wild flowers mostly blooming in Spring.

Among the slopes and the valleys of Taygetos and Parnonas mountain ranges  numerous  kinds of herbs are thriving,  famous for their healing effects on people, to name some of them,  thyme, marjoram,  chamomile, peppermint, lime leaves, sage and  the world famous mountain green tea and others.  This is where Hippocrates and Asclepius, therapists of the antiquity, extracted their healing methods for their patients.

The whole area is rich in flora and fauna where many extinct animals and creatures live in preserved  areas.  In the blue and clear water of the holiday resort Vathi,  Careta-Careta turtle lives and lays its eggs on the sandy beach during September and October. The imperial eagle, the hawk and the falcon have also their residence in the wild forests of Mani.

Remote picturesque small bays with dark blue water and long sandy beaches with green blue clear water, where thousand of fish species  are found, are ideal places for swimming, scuba- diving and fishing.

Mani located in the southern part of Greece has the  most sunny and warm days, where winter turns into  spring and spring turns into summer and where the  light is endless and permanent.

At last the Mediterranean climate, mild and provoking in the winter, tempting and aromatic in spring, warm and mild in Autumn and hot in the summer months, attracts people all over the world for enjoyment and relaxation.

Enjoy the clear blue sea water and the preserved and rare natural enviroment of Lakonia municipality.