How to get here

Convenient and reliable transport

To Athens

By plane to Athens,  Eleftherios Venizelos Airport.

By plane to  Kalamata Airport, in Messinia.

By ferry-boat to Patras via ANEK, MINOAN, SUPERFAST FERRIES.

To Gythio, Ageranos

By car from Athens,  268 km,   3  1/2h  approx., the route  Korinth, Tripoli, Sparti, Gythio, Ageranos

By bus from Athens,  from Kiffisos Bus Station, 275 km, 5h approx,. Highway.

By car from Patras,  288 km, 3  1/2 – 4h approx., the route Korinth, Tripoli, Sparti, Gythio, Ageranos.  Under construction road up to Korinth and then highway.

By  car from Patras,  400 km,  5-6h approx., the route, Pyrgos, Kiparissia, Kalamata, Areopolis, Ageranos.  It’s a long way going through all the big cities of Peloponnese.

By car from Kalamata,   80 km,  2h approx,  the way to Aeropolis and then Ageranos. It’s a   winding but picturesque way going through all the small villages of Messinian Mani.