The most lovable holiday resort

The wasteland Mani starting from the mountain Taygetos and extending down up to the last edge of the middle foot in south Peloponnese, Greece,  is located between the Messinian and Lakonian bays.

Pure, wild,  primitive but beautiful,  fascinating and attractive,  built on stones and drought olive trees,  captured in its  tremendously inspirational and metaphysical landscape,  where extinct animals and creatures live in harmony,  preserved in the wild forests of the mountains Taygetos and Parnonas.

Thousands of small and big stone-built villages and towns,  long stone- towers touching the sky, unconquest fortresses, legendary castles,  mythical caves and pirates’ shelters, ruins reviving the past and the intact history. Built in stone -history with its harsh customs, unwritten laws and ethics in wild.

Thousands of small picturesque chapels,  dating back to the  14th century and the Byzantine era with precious valued wall paintings and mosaic. Phantoms of the past and living constructions  of the present.

Where history becomes a myth and myth becomes a legend, where tradition is highly respected and honored and where the Greek hospitalily still exists.

A lovable holiday resort, yet unexplored and natural!

Right in the land of Gods

Gythio the land of Gods, its name deriving from the Greek words,

γη’ and  ‘θεός’, that is,  ‘soil’ and ‘God’.


Vathi, the golden beach,  the  blue clear sea, where the turtle Careta –Careta comes out of the see and lays its eggs right on the sand.


Areopolis, the small picturesque  town  of medieval castles and fortresses

Limeni the historical small harbor at sunset

Vatheia, medieval historical town and residence of the noble families of Mani.


Mystras, the  Despotate of Morias  and  the  byzantine churches built within the castle walls   with the  beauty and artistry  of  mosaic.


Tenaron, where the Temple of Poseidon with its sanctuary  lies next to the lighthouse of the last edge peninsula


Elafonisos island, in emerald sea water and cedars growing on the white sand


Dyros, unexplored beauty of the stalagmite and stalactite caves, the most miraculous in  Europe.


Monemvasia peninsula,  a town  built within a medieval castle on the rocks with the most breath-taking sunset.