Adouloti Mani Publications – Read, watch, and learn Mani!!

Visit and explore the hundreds of titles with Mani-themed literature. Everything you always wanted to learn about this unique area. History, tradition, culture, travel guides and many more fuse together online. In Areopolis visit also the bookstore of the Publications. A one in a lifetime experience!

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Visit … Useful information about Mani, which will easen up your eveyday life and communication. Bus shedules, maps, useful telephone numbers, post offices and many more. The best directory about Mani.

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Inside the MANI – Guide

Explore our new link and visit for the best inside look of Mani. A thorough guide for the unique area of Mani with many details for every curious traveller of the region. Available in English.

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Summercourse July-August 2011

  Family Uwe from Germany.           Giannis and the tutor Elissavet during lesson.         Giannis and Brigitte from Switzerland. hard-working students at the beginning, good friends now!!!       Brigitte and the tutor Elissavet during break-time.

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Artistic Map of Messinia-Lakonia

We hope you like this amazing and beautiful artistic map of Messinia-Lakonia created by Mr. David Koutsogiannopoulos We would like to thank him for grading us the authorization to post this part of his art.

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The tutor Elissavet presented her book in Book Fair Piraeus 2011

The annual exhibition Book Fair in Piraeus Pasalimani, which attracts thousands of visitors, took place in June 2011 and Adouloti Mani Publications was one of the exhibitors promoting the Mani area and the Maniates authors.     Among them the tutor and manager of OLAELLADA, Elissavet Iakovidou,  presented and signed her books for the visitors. […]

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