The Cottage

Beautiful, stone-built  19th century house

Relax, dream and learn the language of Gods

A traditional 1888 stone-built house renovated 1999, where seven generations of the old families of Mani have lived.

Located in a tranquil environment with an incredible mountain and sea view. At the top of a hill,  right  in the middle of a wonderful landscape full of olive and acorn trees,  growing in their natural environment.

The elevated cottage is 174 qm and  can accommodate comfortably six or seven people. There are two big verandas and a smaller porch.

On the ground floor under the cottage,  there is a separate apartment of  55 qm  which can house three or four people, normally friends or relatives.

The whole building is located in a four acres field with a beautiful garden with sheds and lying armchairs and beds.

The garden is full of trees and season flowers, a dream delight full of colors and scents.

The house is especially designed for nature lovers.

The ideal residence which will house you dreams and visions and will reveal your inspirations and motivations.