Food Service

Culinary and Delicacies

We offer a rich breakfast with coffee, milk, tea, at times home-made bread and cakes, home-made marmelades and jams, Greek thyme honey, fresh eggs, fresh fruits and yoghurt, at times pies with strudel leaves filled with cheese or spinat and wild greens grown in the area of Mani, fresh orange juice.

We offer coffee or tea  during lesson breaks and coffee or tea in the afternoon with cookies.

The supper is prepared by an experienced and traditional cook of Mani with bio ingredients and fresh vegetables growing in private fields in the area of Mani.

It includes Greek traditional Greek recipes, like pastitsio, mousaka, stuffed peppers and tomatoes, greek tomato salad, olives, feta cheese and  cooked vegetables and  always a fresh salad, too,   as well as simple recipes including meat, poultry and fish, Greek noodles, rice or potatoes.

Either roasted, cooked or grilled on the coals, would be simply delicious!

A desert will accompany the meal, like yogurt with sweet home made fruits, Greek pastry and halvas, ravani and chocolate cake, baklavas and kataifi and the most  delicious home made galaktoboureko!

You can also try your cooking skills or you can support the preparation of the meal.

If you wish you can also help in setting  the table or  preparing  a Greek salad or something else, like tzatziki for example  and learn at the same time all the key words and expressions of that special procedure.

Learning through participation and participation through practising the language and tasting the highly recommended recipes.